Bigg Boss Telugu: Who Is Going To Be Evicted This Week?


The Bigg Boss Telugu season-4 is gearing up for the third weekend and all the eyes are on who is going to be evicted this week.

As per the previous vote analysis, the three housemates Devi, Ariyana, and Mehboob were in the danger zone.

Of the above three, Mehboob seems to have the edge as he is having a good following in the social media.

Everyone thought that Devi would be in the danger but the scenario has changed after the physical task Robots Vs Humans.

Mehboob’s over action has surely cost him the most when compared to the other two. His stupid behavior has also made a great impact and turned down his chances.

Devi is just 1% above Mehboob and Ariyana has also improved her vote bank surprisingly with her performance in the Robots Vs Humans task.

So Mehboob has to pack his bags this time and most probably he will be leaving the house this weekend.

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