Bigg Boss Telugu: Who Is Going To Be Eliminated This Week?


The Bigg Boss Telugu Season-4 is going to witness the second round of elimination this weekend.

Despite having good TRP’s, the lack of proper entertainment as compared to the previous seasons is testing the patience of the audience.

With the entry of two new members in the house through the wildcard entry, the total number of contestants in the house are 17.

Surya Kiran has been eliminated last week and right now Karate Kalyani is in the danger zone followed by Sai and Amma Rajasekhar.

The vote percentage of Kalyani is the least and she will be evicted from the house going by that scenario.

Sai and Amma Rajasekhar might get some time from the Bigg Boss. But as its a game of a total of 15 contestants, 2 members have to be evicted.

As far as we predict, the Bigg Boss might relieve Gangavva on her request and might send her from the house in a respectable way and not through nominations.

So there might be a double elimination this week and probably Kalyani and Gangavva will be eliminated.

Have to wait and see what decision the Bigg Boss takes in the case of Gangavva. Do let us know your predictions in the comment section below.

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