Bigg Boss Telugu: The First Eliminated Contestant In Season – 4


The Bigg Boss Telugu Season-4 which has started off at a great pace has successfully completed one week.

Today, as its Sunday, there is much more Hungama in the house. And most importantly the host King Nagarjuna has finally announced the first eliminated contestant.

As all have expected, its Surya Kiran the first housemate to get evicted from the Bigg Boss show this evening.

All the contestants have requested not to eliminate anyone from the house for this week but King Nag has opted the other.

Apart from Surya Kiran, Divi who has grabbed the attention of everyone all of a sudden has also been in the nomination for tonight.

Amidst tense moments and several requests from the housemates to skip elimination for this Sunday, Nag has asked Monal to give a glass of water to any of the two nominated.

And Monal has chosen Surya Kiran. Without any second go, Nag has announced Surya Kiran as the eliminated housemate.

After posing for a group selfie, Surya Kiran has walked out of the house.

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