Bigg Boss Telugu Season – 4: Luxury Budget Task On Day 2


The Bigg Boss season – 4 Telugu which has got an electrifying start on day 1 with nominations, fights and entertainment seems to have continued it on day two as well with Tasks.

As Day 1 is confined to nominations, on Day 2 luxury budget task has been introduced to bring out the talents of the contestants.

The first week of the season-4 seems to be in a similar pattern as the makers provide the opportunity to build good connections among the participants and also showcasing their talents.

The contestants were separated into pairs in this Luxury Budget Task, and each team was given a painting.

Only one member of the pair gets to see the painting, and he/she has to describe it to the other, and the later has to paint it without seeing the actual one.

A total of 14000 reward points has been allocated to the Luxury Budget Task, and 5000 points will be given to the pair who wins it.

Amma Raja Sekhar and Tv9 Devi were the co-ordinators of this Luxury Budget task on this Season 4 of Telugu Bigg Boss.

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