Bigg Boss Left Kaushal High And Dry In Tasks


Bigg Boss Telugu Season2 Update:

Day by day, the makers of Bigg Boss Telugu are testing the patience of Kaushal by limiting him to the house. A quick analysis of Kaushal’s current scenario explains everything.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season2
Bigg Boss Telugu Season2

Wanted or unintentionally, Bigg Boss made Geetha Madhuri to nominate Kaushal for the entire season. To keep the eliminations alive and voting process high, Bigg Boss is making sure that Kaushal always remains in voting every weekend. However, the season reached the last but one week and Kaushal kept huge hopes on tasks such as the ticket to the finale, Captaincy task to escape from the nominations. Unlike lucky Tanish and Samrat, Kaushal was kept aside for the tasks to make him compete in the nominations. Being the task lover, Kaushal is concentrating on his housemates and their mistakes as Sanchalak in tasks with patience.


In the final week, if he gets saved for this week with the support of Kaushal Army, then he needs to compete with Tanish and Samrat as they already entered the big league which will be organized on 23rd September. It is a testing time for both Kaushal and his Army.


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