Bigg Boss Telugu Season – 4: Who Is Going To Be Evicted This Weekend?


The Bigg Boss Telugu season-4 is inching towards the first weekend and everyone is waiting eagerly to know that one housemate who is going to be evicted from the house.

Many unexpected things tend to happen in this game show and its hard to decide who can be evicted in much beforehand.

This has literally proved in Divi’s case as she has been criticized from all corners for being too introverted in a game show like Bigg Boss.

But the moment she has opened her mouth and expressed her opinions, the scenario has completely changed.

Though Divi has been one of the nominated housemates for the elimination, as per the craze she garnered the other day, she might not be the one who will be evicted.

As we all know, Gangavva has her own fan base and she wouldn’t be evicted anyway. Abhijeet has a good following being a feature film hero and he might not be evicted as of now.

Though the screen footage is very less for Mehabooba, he is having a good number of votes. He is having a good following in the social media platform which is helping him to an extent.

Akhil, Surya Kiran, and Sujatha will be in the danger zone if we consider the above statistics. Akhil and Sujatha have some good following social media platforms but the director Surya Kiran seems to be the odd man out here.

Surya Kiran, though he is playing in a very mature way, the way he is expressing his thoughts seems to be not going well not only with housemates but also with the netizens.

Despite this, he is not having any support from social media platforms, unlike Sujatha and Akhil. This might give an edge to the rest and keep Surya Kiran in the elimination.

What do you think about this? Share your opinions in the comment section below. And also let us know who you think will be evicted from the house.

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