Bigg Boss Telugu Season – 4: Sohail & Ariyana Fell In A Trap?


The two housemates Sohail and Ariyana who were in the secret room from the initial start have got an entry into the Bigg Boss house.

Their entry seems to be a sort of trap if we observe the promo of the next episode.

Getting into the details, Sohail who was in the secret room has earlier made a prank call like Bigg Boss and asked the housemates to get the lunch and dinner for him.

On Day 2, Ariyana Glory tried the same way from the secret room, and it got misfired. The housemates have guessed it might be the call from the secret room and ignored it.

This was the biggest blunder Ariyana has made, and at the same time, Bigg Boss has ordered them to enter into the house.

The Bigg Boss has played a double game reminding Sohail and Ariyana to confront the other housemates for not sending the food.

The duo who entered the house will confront the other housemates regarding this, and there seems to be a heated argument between them.

This seems to be an exact trap by Bigg Boss for the blunder done by Ariyana Glory. Have to see what happens on this on Day 3.

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