Bigg Boss Telugu Season – 4: Monal Says ‘No’ To Relationship


The Day 6 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season-4 has continued the previous tasks. The entire day has gone with repetitive tasks.

The housemates are slowly getting comfortable with one another. Abhijeet and Monal had a good light conversation about their interests.

In the conversation with Abhijeet, Monal expressed that she likes long drives and blueberries a lot. She said that she knows it very well how to have fun in life.

Apart from this, Monal has also revealed that she like men who can make good conversation. Abhijeet responded by saying that he likes truthfulness in his partner.

Monal in a conversation with Akhil has revealed that she neither had a boyfriend nor interested in having one.

She said that she wants to go for an arranged marriage and also wishes to have a big family.

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