Bigg Boss Telugu Season – 4: Highlights Of Day 4


The Bigg Boss show has struck the right chords of the audience so far with its engaging tasks and mind games. So far the show has been going on with a mix of fun, emotion, and fights. As the elimination time has been approaching the housemates are trying their best to hog the limelight.

To speak very specifically about the Day 4 highlights, undoubtedly the tasks takes the first place. Divi who has been in the hit list of the elimination has grabbed the attention of everyone with her impressive observations.

The way she expressed her opinion on the housemates has given her the much-needed mileage in this show. The netizens were enthralled by the way she handled it. Who is Kattappa task for Sohail and Ariyana where they have to ask each individual of the housemates their opinions on who can be the black sheep?

Prepare Tomato Pulp task is a bit entertaining as well. In this task, the housemates were divided into four groups, and the best quality and quantity served will be the winner of this task. Day 4 is completely confined to tasks and the weekend is going to be pretty interesting for two things.

One of the housemates will be eliminated this week and also one will be made the captain of the house.

Tell your views on who would be eliminated this week and who has the chance to become the captain of the house. Please do let us know in the comment section.

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