Bigg Boss Telugu Season – 4: Day 5 Highlights


Day 5 of the Bigg Boss game show has completely run on boring and repetitive tasks and lacks the entertainment quotient.

The housemates get to know each other in a span of five days. Day 5 has its moments but not as entertaining as the previous days.

Some of the noted moments in the house on Day 5 is Noel has entertained the housemates with his raps on everyone and the housemates Divi, and Mehabooba has surprised the audience by retorting him with a similar kind of raps on him.

Amma Rajasekhar and Divi enacting as a couple in a movie have gone pretty well. Surya Kiran has given his appearance as a brother.

Amma Rajasekhar seems to be flirting with Divi during this time and accidentally puts a tea powder in the oil.

Surya Kiran who always tries to pull the leg has countered Amma Rajasekhar saying that their couple looks the same way as the tea powder in the oil.

Monal and Abhijeeth get to know each other. And later Monal expressed her heart out regarding her relationship status, marriage, and her future.

Noel had a serious argument on Sohail claiming that he has all the objections towards anyone’s opinion in the house.

Who is Kattappa task has once again brought up by the Bigg Boss and it has literally irritated the audience.

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