Bigg Boss Telugu: Netizens Troll Sohail And Sujatha For OVER(e)ACTION


The Ukku Hrudhayam Task has drawn the attention of the audience like never before. Abhijeet’s smart play has been lauded by many.

Going by social media, Abhijeet’s strategy has convinced the majority of the netizens. And in the same way, few others have been trolled for their over(e)action.

It’s none other than Sohail, Sujatha, and Mehboob. Their over-reaction and shouting at the top of their lungs and their expressions have irritated many.

Especially the performance of Sohail and Sujatha has been trolled immensely by the netizens.

Sohail is getting a severe backlash from the netizens for the kind of abusive language he is using in the house.

Many netizens reported Sohail behavior to the host Nagarjuna on the twitter handle and this could no way help him in a game show like Bigg Boss.

Sohail should definitely have his control over his language as the Bigg Boss reality show is confined to Television and many people and families watch it regularly.

Sujatha who has not impressed with her performance so far seems to have taken this Overaction route to prove herself.

Keeping all this aside, the humans are waiting desperately to take revenge on the Robots and have to see in what way they have given a reply in today’s episode.

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