Bigg Boss Telugu: Housemates Putting Their Heart Out In Humans Vs Robots Task


The first high octane physical task has been witnessed by the Bigg Boss house in the name of the Humans Vs Robots task.

The housemates were divided into two teams representing Humans and Robots. The Robots team has silver eggs with them and the Humans team has to destroy all the eggs.

The actual game is the basic amenities like the washroom, and the kitchen will be under the Robot’s control and the life expansion of the robots will be in the control of the humans.

That means for a robot to survive, it needs the charging and for the humans to use the basic amenities in the house it needs the approval of the robots.

Humans have to destroy all the eggs such as killing all the robots to win the task and the robots have to sustain their eggs without getting destroyed to bag a win.

This task is the first high octane task in the house and the human’s team comprises of Amma Rajasekhar, Noel, Divi, Mehboob, Akhil, and Sohail.

The robot team consists of Gangavva, Abhijeet, Lasya, Devi, Avinash, Harika, and Sai. The winning team only will have the chance to contest for the captaincy.

The humans have broken one egg and killed Devi. The robot team is in deep trouble as they do not enough charge to survive.

This game will be continued today and have to see who emerges victorious.

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