Bigg Boss Telugu: Gangavva In Tears, Bigg Boss Gives Assurance


Gangavva is one special contestant in the Bigg Boss house who has garnered the acclaim of the audience from each and every corner.

Gangavva has been very active in the house initially but she seems to be fallen sick emotionally as she was not able to adapt to the environment of the house.

She has openly stated many a time recently that she was very much uncomfortable with the surroundings and she wanna exit from the show.

Citing her age everyone in the house and the audience is quite worried about her. Gangavva also requested Bigg Boss through the confession room.

The way she expressed her emotional pain and inability to adapt to the environment of the house has literally made everyone’s eyes moist.

The Bigg Boss has consoled her with his encouraging words about Gangavva’s strength and struggle in her life. He also told her to take care of her health and there are many people to look after.

The Bigg Boss also gave his assurance that her request will be seen as the top priority and will set the things accordingly as soon as possible.

Later, the captain of the house Lasya has taken her to the medical room.

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