Bigg Boss Telugu: Gangavva Becomes The Captian Of The House


The Bigg Boss Telugu season has become a hot topic among the audience with its fun-filled tasks and entertainment.

As we have seen earlier the intense physical task Robots Vs Human’s has struck the right chords of the audience.

Especially, Gangavva who has been in depression for a while was seen hyperactive in the task.

Everyone is quite delighted to see her participating like that and guess what finally she has become the captain of the house.

She is one of the top four performers of the intense physical task and the housemates have voted for her when the Bigg Boss has given the task for nominating the captain.

The Bigg Boss has a given a bowl of color water to each of them and they have to save their water to become the captain.

With the co-operation and help of the other housemates, Gangavva has become the captain of the house.

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