Bigg Boss Telugu: Gangavva Back To Form, Netizens Express Happiness.


The Youtube sensation Gangavva who has been very low in the last few days is back to form with the Robots Vs Humans task.

Gangavva who has been emotionally broken down a few days back has requested the management to send her out as soon as possible.

The way she expressed her emotional pain has left everyone in tears. But now this is not the case.

Gangavva was seen hyperactive in the task which made the audience and followers feel very happy.

The way she defended her team in the best possible way has won the accolades of the audience.

Her verbal fight with Avinash and the way she tricked humans to use washrooms has changed the overall atmosphere in the house.

The netizens and the common audience have expressed their happiness for Gangavva for coming back to form and moving actively in the house.

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