Bigg Boss Telugu: Funny Skits And Punishments Are The Highlights Of The Day


The Bigg Boss Telugu season-4 is running quite successfully with good TRP ratings. Today the Bigg Boss show was ended on an entertainment note.

Until now, the Bigg Boss show completely focused on dances in terms of entertainment. But after the arrival of the comedians, especially Jabardasth Avinash the scenario has changed.

Jabardasth Avinash’s arrival has brought a good impact in the house with his funny talks and that has literally changed the atmosphere in the house.

The housemates have performed two comedy skits Gandharagolam Skit and Cinema shooting Skit in the house and both of them ended up as average ones.

The Bigg Boss has given funny punishments to the housemates who are talking in English and also who have been lazy when the Bigg Boss is addressing the house.

With some silly fights, comedy skits, confrontations, punishments today has ended up quite entertaining.

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