Bigg Boss Telugu: Devi, Mehboob, and Ariyana in the danger zone


The Bigg Boss Telugu season-4 has recorded the highest TRP’s so far and has garnered the acclaim of the audience more than expected.

As we all know, seven contestants have been nominated for eviction this week and three of them seem to be in the danger zone.

The seven contestants nominated are Devi, Lasya, Mehboob, Ariyana, Sai, Harika, and Monal.

Lasya is the most familiar face to many and she has a very good following in social media as well. She doesn’t have any big problem as of now.

Coming to Harika, she has been performing exceptionally well in the house and her social media following is one of her biggest strengths. As of now, she is also safe when compared to others.

Sai who has been playing low key has got the sympathy of the audience. Many of them feel that he has been sidelined and snubbed by the housemates. So the sympathy factor will help him to survive.

But Ariyana, Devi, and Mehboob are in the danger zone if we observe carefully. Though Mehboob has a good following in social media, he has not been impressive in the house with his passive behavior.

Ariyana who behaves childishly all the time failed to make her mark till now. There is not even one impressive performance so far.

Devi who seems to be clever and has good thinking regarding the game lacks that one thing that connects her to the audience. Her attitude issues with other housemates have not gone well with the audience.

As of now, Devi, Ariyana, and Mehboob might face the heat of the eviction. Have to wait and see who will be eliminated this week among the three.

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