Bigg Boss Telugu Day – 5: One Episode Changed The Audience Opinion


Bigg Boss Telugu Season-4 has started off with a bang and is heading towards the first weekend of the season.

Being the elimination week, everyone is quite excited to know who is going to be eliminated from the house.

The housemates are trying their level best not only to hog the limelight but also to impress the audience.

Everyone has made their own impact but one housemate has literally changed the audience’s opinion all of a sudden.

It’s none other than Divi Vadthya. Divi who has been mum for the first three days has invited criticism not only from the audience but also from her fans.

Bigg Boss who has given an opportunity to Divi to speak about her opinion on the housemates and this has entirely changed the audience’s perspective.

Divi has opened her mouth for the first time and she has impressed everyone to the core. The way she expressed her opinion has raised the eyebrows of everyone.

She has been brutally honest in expressing her opinion yet in a sensible way. This has not only impressed her fans to the core but also the audience.

In this way, one episode has completely changed the audience’s opinion on Divi.

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