Bigg Boss Telugu Day-4: Divi’s Honest Opinions Grabs The Attention


The Bigg Boss Telugu Season-4 has been going on with much-needed entertainment from the day 1 itself. The day 4 episode seems to be no exception.

The latest promo released by MAA has stunned everyone. The Maharshi fame actress Divi who has been under scrutiny for not speaking much has turned the eyeballs of many.

Going by the released teaser, Divi has finally spoken her heart out regarding her observations of the housemates in the last 3 days.

Divi expresses that Monal is very emotional and easily cries for everything. She also stated that Lasya is sensitive.

She advised Surya Kiran to control his aggressiveness to which he retorted that he would be like this only.

This seems to have triggered some clash between the housemates. With her brutal opinions, Divi has grabbed the attention of everyone.

Divi’s opinions and the way she expressed has garnered the acclaim of many especially youth.

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