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Bigg Boss Telugu: Best And Worst Performers Of The Task

The Bigg Boss Telugu season-4 Robots Vs Humans Task has struck the right chords of the audience.

The task was run for 24 hours and Robots have emerged victorious. The Bigg Boss has asked the housemates to choose the top 4 best performers of the Robots Vs Humans task.

The contestants have opted for Abhijeet, Harika, Gangavva, and Avinash as the best performers of the task.

Noel nominated himself as the worst performer of the task citing that he is the one who suggested Divi use the washroom and that has changed the entire course of the game.

Amma Rajasekhar also nominated himself for the worst performer of the task as he has been cheated by Avinash.

The other housemates have named Divi as the worst performer but the Bigg Boss has given his verdict stating that Noel is the worst performer.

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Noel has been sent to the jail and he has been provided with a single bathroom. As a punishment, Noel will be given only ragi soup as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Overall, the task has been pretty impressive and entertaining.

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