Bigg Boss Telugu: Amma Rajasekhar outburst in Hero-Zero Task


The Bigg Boss Telugu season-4 has been running quite successfully with amazing TRP’s, especially on the weekends.

This weekend is going to be damn special as the host Nagarjuna has announced the double elimination.

Saturday has witnessed a mix of both fun and emotion in the house, especially the task of who is Hero and who is Zero put forth by host Nagarjuna.

Nagarjuna has asked every housemate to express their opinion on who is the hero and who is the zero in the house.

The hero will be made to sit on the throne and the one who has got more zeroes will be pushed out of the door as he is least eligible to be in the house.

Devi, Lasya, and few other contestants have named Amma Rajasekhar as zero which in turn has hurt him the most.

Not only for naming but also for making scathing comments on him, Rajasekhar has emotionally broken down into tears and asked Nagarjuna to send him out of the house.

Nagarjuna advised him not to take it too emotionally as this is a game and consoled him saying that he has to balance everything in life be it an appreciation or criticism.

Noel, Jabardasth Avinash, and Divi strongly supported him and said that because of the master, the house is going on in an entertaining way.

Gangavva has got a good positive response from everyone and Kalyani has bagged the negative feedback.

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