Bigg Boss Telugu: Abhijeet’s Gives A Twist, Executes The Kidnap Plan.


Despite being the IPL season, the Bigg Boss is showing its dominance with extraordinary TRP’s and engaging content.

The Ukku Hrudhayam task of the latest episode of the Bigg Boss has garnered the attention of the audience.

With quite unexpected twists and turns this would be one of the noteworthy episodes of the week.

As we all know that Robots have to save the egg if they have to win and in order to survive they need to get charged by humans.

As both the teams are fighting neck to neck and do not want to extend their support, one of the contestants of the Robots team has given an unexpected twist to everyone.

He deceived the humans by executing a Kidnap plan and that has drawn a big controversy in the house.

Abhijeet of the Robot team along with some other men has kidnapped Divi of the human’s team at midnight and gained the charge for his team.

Coming to know this, Monal, Sohail, and Mehboob have fumed on Abhijeet for executing a kidnap plan but he gave a befitting reply to everyone who confronted him.

Abhijeet told the humans that it was their game plan and he has nothing to do if the humans feel that they are being deceived.

Abhijeet gave a befitting reply to Sohail and Mehboob for talking so aggressively. He shut their mouths by telling them to nominate him for elimination if they want.

This is one of the best and noteworthy episodes of the week so far and the netizens were also very much impressed with this task.

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