Bigg Boss Telugu: 9 Members Nominated For 2nd Week Elimination


After a thrilling weekend, the Bigg Boss game show has given a shock to the contestants by putting forth the nomination task for the second-week elimination.

All the housemates were asked to participate in a boat journey task where there will nine sirens. For each siren, one contestant has to get down from the boat.

So in this way, the contestants who get down from the boat are the nominated ones for the second-week elimination.

The housemates had a brief discussion regarding who has to get down first but Gangavva was the first one to get off the boat as she couldn’t sit much longer.

Noel and Monal voluntarily got down from the boat after Gangavva. After this the remaining housemates had a brief discussion about Sai can step out but he has been reluctant.

Sohail and Karate Kalyani left the boat voluntarily in 4th and 5th positions. Amma Rajasekhar has got down the boat after them.

Sai has got down the boat, not in a much pleasing manner. Dethadi Harika got down at the 8th spot and Abhijeet has made it last.

Lasya need not participate as she is the captain. Divi, Mehboob, Devi, Sujatha, Ariyana, and Akhil saved themselves.

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