Shocking Reasons Behind Double Elimination In Bigg Boss


Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Shocking Reasons Behind Double Elimination.


The host of Season two, Nani keeps saying the phrase “anything can happen at any time” and it got repeated once again this weekend.

The contestants Nutan Naidu and Commoner Ganesh got evicted from the house by Nani instead of one. In contrary to the votes percentage, there are Earth shattering reasons speculated by the netizens behind these two eliminations.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Bigg Boss Telugu 2

When the Star Maa released the promo of revealing double eliminations this time, everyone thought that Ganesh would get eliminated. Netizens zeroed down on Amit along with Ganesh as they don’t want to eliminate Nutan Naidu, the only support to their hero Kaushal.

Interestingly, Nani eliminated Nutam Naidu from the house even though he got more votes than the Amit. viewers were very clear about Amit and voted for his eviction believing that he is still playing the safe game but the Bigg Boss overplayed all for a specific purpose.


According to the ongoing speculations which aroused from the insiders of the Bigg Boss house, Bigg Boss intentionally eliminated Nutan for Amit to cut down the ongoing criticism. Nutan is one player in the entire history of Bigg Boss who went out and entered the house thrice.

For this reason, many are criticising the Bigg Boss management alleging that they took the lump sum amounts from Nutan in order to continue him inside the house. To terminate these allegations for once and forever, makers of this reality show took this drastic decision and saved Amit.


Coming to the elimination of Ganesh, sources rumoured that it was Nani’s idea to sent Ganesh out of the house. According to this star host, Ganesh who is representing the common man is showcasing his attitude after becoming a celebrity. Despite multiple warning from Nani, Ganesh continued to express his arrogance.

Nani’s anger reached to peak stage when he came across a footage of Ganesh cursing Nani and Bigg Boss with cuss words. With the host’s suggestion, Bigg Boss ended Ganesh’s journey in Bigg Boss. With two people minus from the existing contestants, it will be a rough ride for the housemates from now on.


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