Seventh Day Highlights Of Telugu Bigg Boss Season 4: King Nagarjuna Serious On House Mates.


Touted to be the biggest reality game show in the world, the Bigg Boss Telugu season-4, hosted by King Akkineni Nagarjuna has garnered the attention of the audience.

As the weekend has started, everyone’s eyes are glued to the television for one reason. The host King Nagarjuna will be addressing the show on both Saturday and Sunday.

Bigg Boss Nagarjuna has once again impressed the audience with his entry and this time he comes with the theme song of Baahubali as who is the Kattappa task has not yet completed.

Nagarjuna has started the show addressing each and everyone in the house entertainingly.

Later, he has shown the audience the recap of Day 5 and expressed his opinions on the housemates very openly.

He has appreciated, advised, and warned the housemates in his style and made them realize not to cross the line hereafter.

Nag appreciated Noel for the way he responded and behaved to the neighbour’s house. But he pointed out Noel saying that he is an overthinking guy and if he controls that he will be the king.

He opined Gangavva is playing very well, but some people are not able to understand it clearly. Nag advised Gangavva to speak a bit slow.

Nag has thrown a challenge to Akhil to take pushups by making Ariyana sit on his back. He appreciated Akhil for taking good care of Gangavva and responding to her on everything.

Nag opined that it doesn’t look good when Akhil cries. Nag also gave a sweet warning to Lasya for not taking her stand in particular to anything.

Nag’s satires on Monal have evoked few laughs, and he compared her tears with river Narmada and expressed satirically that someone has to build a dam to stop her tears.

He also warned Monal to control his anger while serving food and also regarding cleanliness. Nag also warned Abhijeet to control his anger on others.

Nag questioned Surya Kiran for shouting at all the housemates and warned him not to remind every little thing as everyone knows it.

Nag also questioned Amma Rajasekhar for shouting at Monal, and he responded saying he will not repeat it.

Nag has expressed his displeasure to Karate Kalyani in his style. His satires on Kalyani has revealed Nag’s opinion on her.

Bigg Boss Season 4 Host, King Nagarjuna expressed his opinion very openly to Kalyani, stating that she thinks much, feels much, and also won’t allow others to talk.

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