Bigg Boss Telugu Season – 4: Secret Ballot Voting To Find Kattappa


The Bigg Boss Telugu Season – 4 Day 2 has gone pretty good with the mix of all ingredients, especially a secret ballot voting to find Kattappa.

Day 2 seems to be a roller-coaster ride, as there are some pretty entertaining and exciting tasks.

Right from the engaging tasks to the fights and blunders, this weekend is going to witness the first elimination from the Bigg Boss house.

The housemates were informed that there is one Kattappa among them trying to deceive. This has raised the curiosity to the next level.

All the housemates have decided to go for a secret ballot voting system as suggested by the Bigg Boss to find out the hidden Kattappa in the house.

Each housemate will be given a chit, and they have to write their suspect and drop in the box.

The maximum votes went to Akhil in the secret ballot voting system followed by Rajasekhar, Lasya, Noel, Mehboob, and Surya Kiran.

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