BBS4: Tomato Pulp Task To Decide The First Captain?


Despite having no noted celebrities in the season-4 of Telugu Bigg Boss, the show has been running quite successfully with engaging tasks.

Day 4 of the season-4 has been completely confined to the tasks. This day tasks would decide the first captain in the house. The Tomato Pulp task is all about collecting the tomatoes and preparing the pulp. The quality and quantity are the parameters in deciding the victory of this task.

For this task, the housemates were divided into four groups namely Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow.

Blue team consists of Sujatha, Abhijeet, and Kalyani. Green team consists of Akhil, Monal, and Lasya. Red Team consists of Amma Rajasekhar, Noel, and Harika. The Yellow team consists of Devi, Divya, Mehbooba.

Surya Kiran is the conveyor of this task and Ariyana, and Sohail is the quality check managers. Gangavva is their assistant.

Only one member from each team is allowed to go to the conveyer to collect the tomatoes and the bottles.

This task will continue on Day 5 as well and based on the performance of the tasks, the captain will be decided.

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