Amit Convicted From The Bigg Boss As Expected


Biggboss Telugu2 Amit Evicted:

The Saturday episode of Bigg Boss Telugu made a sensation with contestants Deepthi, Geetha Madhuri discussing dedicated PRs. Post this episode, the Sunday’s weekend episode turned interesting with fun games and ended up with the elimination.

Biggboss Telugu2 Amit Evicted
Biggboss Telugu2 Amit Evicted

As Kaushal got nominated for the entire season, he was safely covered with the huge support of Kaushal Army votes. Other contestants who are in danger zone are Deepthi, Roll Rida and Amit where’s Geetha Madhuri is safe according to the trade pundits. Among the three danger zone candidates, all expected Amit’s elimination this weekend and it became true. Amit’s lack of clarity, safe game, escapism etc made him an unworthy contestant to be in the house. Now the house is left with seven candidates for the last and final weekend to have a clear winner. With the grand finale on September 23rd, all the viewers are expecting Kaushal to win the title amidst all odds.


Meanwhile, Amit Tiwari who got evicted too blamed Kaushal for his gameplay and rock heart but supported other contestants to win the season two title.


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